“You may be climbing a mountain but think of the view when you reach the top”

My Journey

The multi-talented Londoner works as a Pilates rehabilitation specialist, life coach and motivational speaker, along with volunteering for charities The Katie Piper Foundation and Changing Faces. The road that has led her towards such a fulfilling life has been painful, emotional and filled with unimaginable challenges.

I survived a plane crash aged 10 in which I lost my immediate family and sustained 45% (2nd and 3rd degree) burns to my face and body. I always felt my scars were a huge limitation into me accomplishing so much more. I endured extensive years of bullying and low self-worth. My confidence and self-worth changed as I took my journey inwards recognising my self-acceptance and voice.

My Story

“Every day people stare at me. It’s getting people to be aware of how that makes someone with disfigurement feel. Having a disfigurement means never having a day off. I don’t get to take my scars off and forget about them. Every day when I leave my house I need to check in with myself to see how I am going to handle staring or comments people make. We need to get more awareness and have equality along a whole spectrum of things.”

“I breathe in my courage and exhale my fear”

My Journal

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Journey to Brighton

28 years ago

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