Tulsi Vagjiani

Humanitarian and one of life’s Thrivers!

Tulsi Vagjiani, is a humanitarian and one of life’s survivors! Having survived a plane crash at the age of 10, her life has been nothing short of colourful!

Welcome to my website! Whether you landed here as a way of appeasing your inquisitive nature or for research purposes none of it is coincidental! It is perfect timing!

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I survived a plane crash aged 10 in which I lost my immediate family and sustained 45% (2nd and 3rd degree) burns to my face and body. I always felt my scars were a huge limitation into me accomplishing so much more.

I endured extensive years of bullying and low self-worth. My confidence and self-worth changed as I took my journey inwards recognising my self-acceptance and voice.

I’m an ordinary woman living an extraordinary life and I want to inspire people to work through their traumas to lead a fulfilling, authentic life.

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Her work has had coverage across various media platforms, including BBC, SKY news, This Morning (ITV), articles printed in the Guardian, Closer Magazine, and Take a Break. You can also find her featured in various podcasts with Katie Piper OBE, Gareth Thomas, Dr Rupy Aujla and Spencer Lodge.