A Bit About Me

The multi-talented Londoner works as a Pilates rehabilitation specialist, life coach and motivational speaker, along with volunteering for charities The Katie Piper Foundation and Changing Faces. The road that has led her towards such a fulfilling life has been painful, emotional and filled with unimaginable challenges.

I survived a plane crash aged 10 in which I lost my immediate family and sustained 45% (2nd and 3rd degree) burns to my face and body. I always felt my scars were a huge limitation into me accomplishing so much more. I endured extensive years of bullying and low self-worth. My confidence and self-worth changed as I took my journey inwards recognising my self-acceptance and voice.

My approach.

As a burn survivor, my aim is to bring more confidence in those who seek it and bring better to the world. My story is inspirational amongst many others and now i’m ready to share it.

My Mission.

I aim to speak in front of many to tell everyone my journey and that everyone’s different. You matter to this world.

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