Hi, I'm Tulsi Vagjiani

Humanitarian and one of life’s Thriver!

Welcome to my website! Whether you landed here by a way of appeasing your inquisitive nature or for research purposes none of it is coincidental! It is perfect timing!

That leads me to introduce myself as just that, Divine timing! Everything that I have experienced, endured, or got through is nothing short of meticulous divine timing.

Being a plane crash survivor at the age of 10 to being diagnosed of end stand renal failure at age 26, my life certainly has been colourful and full of challenges!

The moment you realise you don't need validation from anyone... Your wings are ready to soar freely.

My Journey as a Plane Crash Survivor

I Am Enough

One thing that has been a constant companion in my journey has been my strong mindset. I cannot explain how I survived my most challenging days, but I know my will to keep improving has gotten me through some intense days.

I do not know what it’s like to ‘give up’, but I do know it is ok to take some respite and go again, a bit like a pit stop if you will!

I’m an ordinary woman living an extraordinary life, and I want to inspire people to work through their traumas to lead a fulfilling, authentic life.

This has led me to be an influential speaker, where my clients range from corporate and charities to schools.

My journey has led me to explore all dimensions of the human psyche and emotions.


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