The theme for this year’s In­ternational Women’s Day is Press For Progress, which will be a global call to continue the push for gender equality.  

The annual celebration of women’s achievements and campaign for change will once again see countless people unite to make a real difference.  

These will include everyday women standing side-by-side with high-profile individuals of both genders. Eastern Eye got wonder­ful women to tell us how we can press for progress when it comes to equal rights and girl power. 

Tulsi Vagjiani (Pilates rehabilitation specialist, life coach & motivational speaker):Progression can only happen if we lose the labels and instead come from a place of humanity. Everyone should be en­couraged to pursue goals and ambitions, regardless of their gender or any social stigmas. Everyone should be entitled to a voice, and if served in unity we can make great progression towards equality. 

We need a wider representation in all aspects of vocations and roles. Educating and challenging so­cial norms will encourage the new generation into making decisions that will serve humanity, not a gender group. 

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