Today I had CO2 fractional laser to my face. It has been 10 months since my last treatment. I couldn’t appreciate just how much my face had changed since March 2017.
The skin is softer and feels less plastics-like and more supple like ordinary skin. There is functionality and I have expressions!

I have even skin tones which is a great help when it comes to makeup! 50 shades of burns was difficult to cover!!

Aside the aesthetic differences I have gained sensation on the right side of my face. I am also able to breathe from my right nostril which I didn’t realise was blocked until I didn’t wake up feeling suffocated! I am able to open my mouth wider, which means eating out in a restaurant isn’t a traumatic experience, having to cut food into tiny pieces.

I noticed today after my treatment that my smile is much wider and it doesn’t hurt to smile! Apologies for the pun! But it really doesn’t hurt to smile!!

Today I had injectable numbing solution on my face approximately 6 times, it really wasn’t pleasant but what kept me going was knowing I am leaving the clinic with a wider smile. I had an intense laser treatment today, which was slightly painful but totally worth it.
Although the injections were painful it was also liberating to be able to feel sensation, not quite the sensation I was hoping for but from having none to having some it’s totally worth it!

It’s moments like these that it really reminds me that this is an on going journey. Whether it’s skin release, laser or any form of treatment for burn scars, the journey doesn’t end once the scar has ‘healed’… there are regular hospital appointments, skin grafts, release of tight contractors on the skin and other various operations.

I am truly grateful to Dr. Tapan Patel for all that he has done for me. The confidence I felt since starting my laser treatment journey has really changed my life. I have gained acceptance of my scars and seeing the beauty radiating on the outside. It is also surreal seeing my face change so much, not often in life does your face so frequently!
Thank you to everyone at The Phi Clinic for your and professionalism. They really are amazing.

I’m looking forward to seeing the progress over the next few weeks.