Having been involved in a plane crash, often I get people asking me if I am afraid of flying?
I always say no because I love travelling, so unless I start sailing now… getting to all these beautiful countries quicker I must take a flight!!!

Whilst I was on dialysis and was ill post kidney transplant, it meant travelling was difficult so I am making up for lost time now.
Being away from home and experiencing different cultures leaves me feeling inspired and refreshed. I always come back with so many ideas and also I learn so much more about myself. It has helped with my confidence and I always like to learn the local language, often then not I always make them laugh as my pronunciation is horrendous!!!

It always inspires me when my friends and family talk about their holidays/adventure abroad. So this post is to ask you all, what is your type of holiday? Chilling on a beach? Or climbing mountains and jumping out of a plane or sightseeing….
Has there been a memorable holiday where it has inspired or changed you as a person based on cultural experiences or your own challenges?

Do you enjoy travelling on your own? Or do you prefer company?

This is about any holidays or breaks you have been on abroad or in the UK.
I love hearing inspiring stories.
My heart will always be in Africa Particularly in Kenya, Morocco and Tanzania. I loved the safari experience in both Kenya and Tanzania and being surrounded by Mount Kenya and Mount Kilimanjaro. I love the deserts and mountains of Morocco as well as the arts. I have yet to experience many other wonderful countries within the African continent. I feel so happy and carefree there. The hospitality I Receive there is amazing.

One of my favourite city’s that I have visited is Budapest. I never expected to fall in love with it as much as I did. From the food to architecture it was all so beautiful and I felt safe. The thermal spas are just divine and the parliament building at night is stunning.

Please share your memorable holidays. Perhaps it was a proposal or your first sky dive?