'I survived the plane crash that killed my whole family but I've never let my scars hold me back'

The first thing that Tulsi Vagjiani remembers was hearing her grandmothers voice. “It was clear as day, but she wasn’t on the plane, we had left her at home in London,” she told MyLondon. “She was saying I was involved in a plane crash, your mum, dad and brother are no longer here and you look different.”

Ten-year-old Tulsi’s eyes were covered in bandages and she was coming in and out of sedation with doctors rushing around telling her not to worry or panic. The last thing she remembered was fighting with her brother over the window seat on the plane from Mumbai to Bengaluru in 1990. Her family had not planned to be on the flight but their luggage had been lost on the way back to the UK and her dad thought they could go to Benglauru to pick it up after they had spent three months in India.

“Growing up in London, we were very fortunate, we had a nice house and everything so my dad wanted us to experience what life is really like for people out there. We had always gone to beaches and gorgeous parts of India but he wanted us to experience the other side of it,” she told MyLondon.